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About us

Intuitive content management system for editing your pages

The IPO Content management system is currently used by approximately 10,000 users. We are the number one on the market in the Czech Republic from the aspect of number of regular customers who work with us on a long-term basis. When developing the IPO content management system we designated maximum possible simplicity of control as the main aim. We are aware that our customers have a lot of other work, and they need a tool which they can understand perfectly in order to manage their pages.

Ing. Petr Friml
Executive director




We have been creating website and helping with marketing for more than 15 years

We have been operating on the Czech internet since 2000 amongst the leading firms providing services in the field of webpage creation and marketing. We currently have more than 3500 regular customers and another 6500 users of the IPO content management system (free of charge for non-commercial websites).

We have a network of expert consultants

We prefer the personal approach. We will handle the preparation of input content for the generation of pages, consultation, marketing – we will deal with all of this in person with you, directly in your office. We are aware that you often need to clarify at first what exactly you expect of webpages, and so we have our trained regional representatives, who will advise and help you eagerly thanks to their knowledge and experience.

We are a factory manufacturing webpages and internet marketing.

We create attractive webpages and ensure that as many people as possible come to them. We work for firms, entrepreneurs, public institutions and private persons. Our regular clients include hotels and guesthouses, but this is not the full extent of our field. We create quality pages regardless of the field you work in.

We allow everyone to manage the content of their own pages simply.

You can carry out all content alterations yourself using our IPO content management system without having to issue a requirement and wait several days for it to be resolved. On weekdays from 08:00 to 17:00 trained workers of customer support are at your service and will willingly help you with any problem and without any additional fees.

We focus on webpage accessibility

We create the webpages in the IPO content management system with maximum regard to the needs of those using reading devices. Thanks to this they are able to display the information which they are looking for on the webpages.


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