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“Greetings, I would like to thank your firm, and more specifically Mgr. Ivan Vovk, for the redesign of our webpages www.mestoliban.cz. We have had pages from your firm since 2004, but it was necessary to update them, mainly with regard to legislation and new modules. We currently have virtually new webpages at a good price. In the month of May our authority was inspected by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, and one of the things checked was the statutory publication of information on the webpage - everything was alright and complied with legal regulations. The inspectors also liked our pages from the aspect of appearance and other information. And work in the IPO editing system is good and easy. One again I thank you and look forward to further cooperation. Regards”

Klárová Vladimíra, secretary of town of Libáň, MestoLiban.cz --


“Dear friends, better late than never. I would like to thank you for processing our webpages. The pages won the award of the public in the regional round of the competition Golden Coat of Arms. Once again I thank you and look forward to further cooperation. Greetings, Jana Chalupová, mayor of the town of Ústín"

Jana Chalupová, mayor of the town of Ústín, Ustin.cz --


"I have been working with the company Antee s.r.o., represented by Mr Němeček, since January 2012, when they prepared completely new webpages for my firm. Although initially the price of the webpages struck me as high, I have to say that during the following season we virtually doubled our annual turnover thanks to the influence of the webpages, and this trend continued in the following years. In the work of Mr Němeček and the entire firm Antee I appreciate in particular the great ideas, the conceptual nature of the solution and the monitoring of current trends which they attempt to implement in our pages on an ongoing basis."

D. Hauška, DHPlast.cz --

Csi-martinice.cz, Pilamartinice.cz, ...

"In 2012 we started to work with the company ANTEE on the preparation and subsequent internet promotion of the website equitana.cz. We were so pleased with the services focussing on the commercial success of the website, the care during and after completion of the project and the prices that over time we had them prepare another four websites."

M. Pecka, csi-martinice.cz --, pilamartinice.cz --, speedhouse.cz --, equitana.cz --, fondprobreznici.cz --


"On behalf of the West Bohemia Olympic Competitors’ Grant Fund, I would like to thank the firm ANTEE s.r.o., and primarily Mr Němeček, for the perfect professional and human approach from the very start of the founding of our webpages. As a non-profit-making organisation which has attempted to manage its pages through its own human resources (the management includes senior citizens), he always willingly helped and cooperated even on the creation of our logo and our headed paper. We founded the pages in in 06/2011, and he always helped us without delay when additions were made to them approximately five times a year."

Vladimír Jarý, nfzo.cz --


“I am completely satisfied with the production of our new webpages. In addition to our new website, the firm ANTEE s.r.o. is implementing an online marketing campaign, and thanks to an analysis of the accesses and clicks on the map we will continue to optimise the pages.

Tomáš Horák, TMSklo.cz --


"On behalf of Chodská chalupa I would like to thank the company Antee s.r.o., represented by Mr Němeček, for the very pleasant and tasteful webpages which we jointly created in mid 2013. Our aim was a unique design, clarity of pages and increase in the awareness about the brand "Chodská chalupa”. Everything is going well due to the excellent mutual professional cooperation. For the future we are definitely planning to continue in cooperation with Antee s.r.o., be it in activities associated with the operation of the website or its improvement and further development."

J. Leitl, Chodska-chalupa.cz --


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the company Antee, s.r.o. for our new webpages. Through cooperation with the firm Antee we not only save significantly on expenses, but our new webpages are clearer, and the IPO editing system is far simpler and more intuitive to use than the ones we had been used to."

Mgr. Cyril Zákora, Letnidum.cz --


"I would like to comment on the cooperation of our school with the firm ANTEE s.r.o. On a virtually daily basis we experience the behaviour and approach of various firms and companies which offer us their products and services. I often do not have good experiences with them, and so I greatly appreciate the cooperation with the firm ANTEE, with which by way of contrast I have very good experience. We appreciate in particular Ms Kůtová, who always helps us out and offers us various solutions to improve our website, and we thank her for her work and help to our school."

J.Smitek, head ZUSCheb.cz --


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your cooperation and the willingness which you always display to accommodate us. I have been with your firm since mid 2007, and over this time you have done a fantastic amount of work, and I can constantly improve thanks to this page. I work very well in the editor - it is easy to understand, and the picture gallery is the best I have ever seen on the internet. I look forward to your other ideas."

Vlaďka Procházková, mark-selby.cz --


“Excellent cooperation, fast, flexible behaviour, help during the rationalisation of the webpage's basic structure, good cooperation with the graphic designer, who was capable of incorporating all of our requirements. I appreciate the ongoing optimisation of the pages and also information from the part of ANTEE concerning the best advertisement on the internet which improves the number of our pages' views. I heartily recommend it.”

MVDr. Krátká Milena, veterinanebusice.cz --