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  • SEO is short for Search Engine Optimalization.
  • The aim is to improve the “visibility” of your pages for search engines of the type Google or Seznam and so to increase your website's hit rate.
  • SEO is a set of procedures contributing to improving visibility for search engines and greater clarity of your pages for website visitors.
  • A permanent and long-term solution for increasing the number of hits on your pages.

What does SEO contain?

  • One part of SEO is a keyword analysis..
  • Text adjustment on the pages for selected keywords.
  • Linkbuilding (linking the links on your pages and the online catalogues).

Does it really work?

  • Yes, although it takes a while before catalogues and search engines register a change.
  • You will get a clear output from us concerning the improvement of your pages.


  • Upon request we will happily provide you with references concerning ongoing and completed campaigns.
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