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We create websites

We have created and operated websites for 3500 customers The websites help increase the interest in their products and services and thus their revenue. The key to success is an individual approach to each customer.

What does a commercially successful company website look like?

  • It presents the firm, offered services or products in a comprehensible manner
  • It sets out objectives which can be measured and fulfilled (for example, how many visitors fill in and send the enquiry form).
  • It is "tailored" to the target group which is seeking out the given information, services or products.

What do we ensure for you?

  • Website analysis - identification of target public, designation of webpages’ objectives.
  • Draft solution - information architecture, wireframes and graphic design.
  • Production and stocking of eshop using the input data gained.
  • Produktion und Anfüllung des e-Shops according to your needs.
  • Copywriting - we make your work easier by prepare commercially successful texts.
  • User testing - we test out the webpages for your from the aspect of user friendliness.
  • We fill in the necessary meta-attributes (SEO).
  • We configure a PPC campaign , for you which brings potential customers to the pages.
  • Wir stellen die We ensure the translation of your pages into the languages you select.

We offer a stable background

  • We run our IPO content management system on our own server, so you don't have to worry about arranging webhosting.
  • We regularly backup the webpages and email boxes that we run for you.
  • We manage and register domains..
  • Our customer support is free of charge to you and available every weekday from 08:00 to 17:00.




"I have been working with the company Antee s.r.o., represented by Mr Němeček, since January 2012, when they prepared completely new webpages for my firm. Although initially the price of the webpages struck me as high, I have to say that during the following season we virtually doubled our annual turnover thanks to the influence of the webpages, and this trend continued in the following years. In the work of Mr Němeček and the entire firm Antee I appreciate in particular the great ideas, the conceptual nature of the solution and the monitoring of current trends which they attempt to implement in our pages on an ongoing basis."

D. Hauška,
DHPlast.cz --


“On behalf of Chodská chalupa I would like to thank the company Antee s.r.o., represented by Mr Němeček, for the very pleasant and tasteful webpages which we jointly created in mid 2013. Our aim was a unique design, clarity of pages and increase in the awareness about the brand "Chodská chalupa”. Everything is going well due to the excellent mutual professional cooperation. For the future we are definitely planning to continue in cooperation with Antee s.r.o., be it in activities associated with the operation of the website or its improvement and further development."

J. Leitl,
Chodska-chalupa.cz --

Csi-martinice.cz, Pilamartinice.cz, Equitana.cz, Speedhouse.cz,

“In 2012 we started to work with the company ANTEE on the preparation and subsequent internet promotion of the website equitana.cz. We were so pleased with the services focussing on the commercial success of the website, the care during and after completion of the project and the prices that over time we had them prepare another four websites."

M. Pecka, csi-martinice.cz --
pilamartinice.cz --
speedhouse.cz --
equitana.cz --
fondprobreznici.cz --


“I am completely satisfied with the production of our new webpages. In addition to our new website, the firm ANTEE s.r.o. is implementing an online marketing campaign, and thanks to an analysis of the accesses and clicks on the map we will continue to optimise the pages."

Tomáš Horák,
TMSklo.cz --


“Excellent cooperation, fast, flexible behaviour, help during the rationalisation of the webpage's basic structure, good cooperation with the graphic designer, who was capable of incorporating all of our requirements. I appreciate the ongoing optimisation of the pages and also information from the part of ANTEE concerning the best advertisement on the internet which improves the number of our pages' views. I heartily recommend it.”

MVDr. Krátká Milena
veterinanebusice.cz --


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Other references

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