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We do marketing

A pretty, functional website is no longer enough in the current competitive struggle on the internet. Internet marketing provides an opportunity to increase the number of customers several fold. The factor important for success is the correct targeting of the campaign using the appropriate marketing tools which the internet offers.

PPC campaign

  • Immediate solution for increasing the number of hits
  • Advertisements prepared in the systems AdWords, Sklik
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  • Long-term increase in the number of hits
  • Optimisation of page content (not only) for search engines
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PPC and SEO go hand in hand - PPC brings an immediate increase in the hit rate, whereas a systematically prepared SEO has a slow (over several months) but stable influence on the pages' hit rate. So for maximum effectiveness we recommend the implementation of a PCC campaign concurrently with the implementation of SEO.


Ask yourself 5 simple questions:

  1. Do you know your target user group_ Do you know which region you are targeting?
  2. Which product or service do you offer your target group?
  3. Which means of contact with customers do you prefer?
  4. Do you measure your pages' hit rate? Do you have an idea how many people visit your pages?
  5. What is your budget for internet promotion, and do you think it is spent effectively?

Případové studie

  • Realizované projekty po jejich ukončení vyhodnocujeme v případových studiích.
  • U jednotlivých služeb internetového marketingu si můžete stáhnout případovou studii.
  • Další případovou studii Vám rádi poskytneme na vyžádání.

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